Plan/Roadmap for our Bible Study Tools



Plan and Roadmap

What are we currently working on:

  • Bible Vector Query API, a fast Bible Similarity search Query API, so that users can get the right verses fast.
  • Chat Bible, AI Chat Bot, to use new AI Large Language Model to support Bible context chat.
  • Continue Development on Bible Reference plugin development, to bring the functionality to more platforms.

We have done some investigation and prototyping here to try to bridge the modern AI and Machine Learning technology to Bible Study.

For example, vectorisation would be very suitable for Bible verse searching, so far on the market, I didn’t see any working on it.

Vector search finds similar data using approximate nearest neighbor (ANN) algorithms. Compared to traditional keyword search, vector search yields more relevant results and executes faster.

Vector Search from Elastic

Chat Bible idea is to use the Generative AI technology to help people to learn Bible, it contains risks here as well, what if the trained model brings some wrong understanding of Bible, so we are trying to be as careful as possible for implementing this idea.

If you are interested or have any questions or want to discuss more about the ideas and the plan here. Feel free to contact us or leave comments here or raise an issue on the GitHub repo.

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