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Mastodon and their ActivityPub protocol have experienced a spike in popularity recently among the wider public, after Meta recently announced that they are testing integration with their Twitter/X alternative,

Antioch.Tech is on Fediverse now as well.

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What is Fediverse?

The Fediverse is an ensemble of social networks which can communicate with each other, while remaining independent platforms.

From Wikipedia

In other words, Fediverse is an implementation of Decentralized social networks, similar to Email. Yes, the 1970s Email Technology, which allows different providers/instances to communicate with each other under one communication protocol.

MastodonFediverse,,, etcA user on a mastodon instance can interact with other users from other instances.
EmailYesSMTP/POP/IMAPAOL Mail, Gmail, ProtonMail etcA email user can contact with other email users through email addresses from different email provders
FaceBookNo~MetaA closed platform, users can only interact with other users at the same platform
Comparing Mastodon/Fediverse to Email/Decentralized

Thanks to the WordPress plugin ActivityPub, anyone can bring any WordPress instance to a Mastodon Instance

How to Enable Activity Pub on WordPress?

Simply install and enable it.

With the ActivityPub plugin installed, your WordPress blog itself function as a federated profile, along with profiles for each author. For instance, if your website is, then the blog-wide profile can be found at @[email protected], and authors like Jane and Bob would have their individual profiles at @[email protected] and @[email protected], respectively.

From WordPress ActivityPub Plugin

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