Obsidian Bible Reference Plugin

Take Bible Study notes easily in the popular note-taking app Obsidian, with automatic verse and reference suggestions.

Easy to Use

Double Hyphens trigger Bible Verse suggestions (or Verse Lookup Command)

Open Source & Cross Platform

Compatible with Desktop and Mobile Obsidian versions on Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, and MacOS.

Multiple Languages

Supported by BibleAPI.com and BollsLifeAPI, offering access to various Bible versions including WEB, KJV, NVI (Spanish), CUV (Chinese), and more.

Get Started

1. Browse Obsidian Community plugin and search Bible Reference, install and enable it.

2. Open a note,

3. Type a Bible verse, for example “--John1:1

4. Select the suggestion.

Discover a new way to take Bible/Theology Study notes

Start typing "--" followed by a book, chapter and verse. For example, --John1:1-3 
use double hyphens to start


Powerful Double Hyphens – –

With no need to switch apps, just simply type double hyphens


Multiple Rendering Options

Customise your preferred reference position, formatting Options and so on. (Add Tags and Links settings under Expert Settings)

Obsidain Bible Reference Settings
verse lookup commanda usage through CMD+P and Verse Lookup Book Icon


Verse Lookup Modal

Instead of using double hyphens, you can also use Verse Lookup Command, click the book icon or your customised shortcut to open the Verse Lookup Modal.


Verse of the Day

Get the verse of the day, to encourage you every day.

verse of the day
verse lookup commanda usage through CMD+P and Verse Lookup Book Icon


Free and Open Source

Under MIT License.

Github Repo for Source Code.


800+ daily usage


20 thousands+ downloads


Silent Launch in 2021


See what people have to say about us


Sponsor and User

For me it is an invaluable tool in my daily Bible and systematic theology studies. Please keep being awesome!



I just got the project up and running in my obsidian notes and it works amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for to take my Bible study notes. God Bless!



I just wanted to thank you for your invaluable work on the OBR plugin, it’s been indispensable in my daily Bible studies for several months now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you collect user data?

We have a self-hosted analytics service. If you prefer not to participate, you can opt-out at any time, however, we encourage users to opt-in for analytical purposes. As an open source project, we are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of any data collected. The data is not used to track you or build user profiles. It is only used for the purposes of improving user experience and understanding how the Plugin is used. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Is it free, do you earn money from it?

Our core service is free to use. However, to support our ongoing development and maintenance efforts, we gladly accept donations.

How can I support Obsidian Bible Reference Plugin?

We appreciate all forms of support, whether it’s translating, contributing to the codebase, updating documentation, or simply spreading the word to your friends. If you’d like to provide financial support, you can become a sponsor through GitHub Sponsorship.

Where can I suggest new features?

We value your feedback and feature requests immensely. Please visit our GitHub Issues page for more details on how you can contribute and share your ideas to help us improve this plugin.